Buffalo Trace | Rock Hill Farms

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Company: Sazerac Company, Inc. Distillery: Buffalo Trace

Proof: 100 Age: NAS

Mashbill: Undisclosed (Buffalo Trace's Mashbill #2, 12-15% rye)

Named for the rich farmland along the Kentucky River, Rock Hill Farms is part of Buffalo Trace’s Bourbon Mashbill #2 family. With the exception of Ancient Age, Mashbill #2 based bourbons are currently composed of only single barrel offerings. Rock Hill Farms was the highest proof Mashbill #2 bourbon sold in the United States, until in 2020 when it was eclipsed by Blanton’s Gold as the highest proof Mashbill #2 bourbon.

The nose opens with light summer cherries, berries, baked apples, and light hay. Behind these scents is a delicious bed of vanilla, cinnamon bark, and charred oak. For a 100 proof bourbon there isn’t a hint of ethanol, which allows you to concentrate wholey on the scents that are present without being distracted. The mix between more traditional scents and lighter summer fruits strikes a nice balance and a really inviting way to start the sip. On the palate, light spice mixes with a creamy dose of leather and oak. Swirling the sip pulls forward sweeter flavors of allspice, vanilla sticks, toasted sugar, and a light hint of cocktail cherries. The creamieness found at the start of the sip really elevates this palate, resulting in a fantastic flavor profile that keeps pulling you back in for more. A large dose of rye spice opens up the finish. This spice is joined with hints of creamy vanilla, evergreen, and oak. The rye spice is the constant, as a long lingering combo of toasted oak and rye spice hangs on. While the finish doesn’t quite match the depth that the palate brings, it still allows the sip to end the sip on a memorable note.

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