Glenfiddich | Grande Couronne 26yr Scotch Whisky

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Glenfiddich's Grande Couronne embodies opulence and meticulous craftsmanship, blending Scottish distilling mastery with French luxury. This captivating single malt Scotch whisky matures for 26 years in American and European oak casks at the Glenfiddich Distillery before undergoing an additional two-year aging process in rare French Cognac casks. This extended maturation enriches the whisky's complexity, resulting in a majestic fusion of flavors that is both majestic and extraordinary.

Upon nosing, toasted coconut and dried fruit aromas lead the way, followed by layers of velvety fig and baked apple, subtly accented by hints of violets and wood spice. The palate offers an elegant fusion of dark chocolate and cherry sweetness, supported by almond, cinnamon, and a touch of oak-driven spice. The finish is luxurious and lingering, with deep, sweet raisins and spicy ginger coming together in perfect harmony.

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