Jack Daniel’s | Coy Hill Single Barrel High Proof

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The latest release in the annual special collection from Jack Daniel's is now available: the Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 2021 Special Release Coy Hill High Proof. This edition pays tribute to Coy Hill, which holds the highest elevation among the rolling hills situated on the Jack Daniel Distillery property. This exclusive high-proof release not only celebrates the art of whiskey-making but also highlights how the location of a barrel house and the extreme weather conditions during maturation contribute to the unique flavor of the whiskey. The Coy Hill High Proof is bottled directly from the barrel, with minimal filtration and no dilution, resulting in a purity level of 137.4-148.3 proof. This one-of-a-kind bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel must be stored upright at all times, except when being poured into a glass for consumption.

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