Bundle | Blanton's Special Reserve Green + Caribou Crossing

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A nice pack of 2 amazing Bourbons that add a special flair to ones collections.

Blanton's Special Reserve - 700ml

At 80 proof Blanton’s Special Reserve is ideal for those new to single barrel bourbons. It has a slightly floral nose that conveys whispers of cedar and raisin in between soft vanilla notes.
The palate has a light airy feel to it. The taste of vanilla and toffee dance around subtle notes of dried fruit and white pepper. Its smooth consistency makes it perfect for a premium cocktail or served on the rocks. Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. 750ml

*Although not common, wax may crack during shipping causing minor leakage.

Caribou Crossing - 750ml

Caribou Crossing holds the distinction of being the world’s first single barrel Canadian whisky. Made from the finest sampling of our master collection of 200,000 barrels of whisky and designed to reinvent the Canadian whisky category.

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